fleshlight quickshot turbo review

QuickShot Turbo Review

The QuickShot Turbo is the newest product from Fleshlight which combine two of my favorite Fleshlight sex toys, the Turbo and the Quickshot.

The original Fleshlight Turbo is Fleshlight attempt at making a blowjob feeling masturbator that feels truly like a real blowjob. And I got to admit that it feels pretty damn good using it. The Quickshot was originally made to feel like a handjob that was easy to clean and quick to use.

The Quickshot Turbo is both of those in one toy which I’m super excited about.

fleshlight quickshot turbo review

First impressions of the Quickshot Turbo

The QuickShot Turbo feels great in the hands like all of Fleshlights products which are known for their great quality.

The soft textured skin like feeling material in the middle is covered in a hard plastic case that allow you to hold or mount it in one of the many different accessories like the Quickshot Launch.

It comes with two lids that can be put on each end preventing dirt from entering it which makes it a great sex toy for traveling.

There are a few great QuickShot guides online that you could take a look at if you want more information. I love the QuickShot guide from Kinkycow which shows some of the different Quickshot accessories.

Giving it try for the first time

The insertable length of the QuickShot Turbo is 3.5” (9 cm.) which is perfect for stimulating the shaft and your glans independently. It does not give you the full Fleshlight Turbo experience but less is also good and it has a lot of advantages over the original Turbo.

The QuickShot Turbo’s internal texture feels so good and the softness of the material is incredible. It does feel a lot like a tongue and mouth, especially if you give it a good amount of lube which only adds to the blowjob feeling.

quickshot turbo internal texture

Just a slight warning about cumming – It gets all over the place if you forget that you’re using a Quickshot and not a Fleshlight.

This does however make cleaning a whole lot easier and a quick rinse under the warm tap is enough. Drying is super quick and you can store it away after a few minutes.

Testing it with the QuickShot Launch

The QuickShot Launch is certainly big and expensive and you’re not going to travel with it but it can truly transform your QuickShot Turbo to a full-blown automatic blowjob machine.

Launch quickshot turbo

It works by mounting the QuickShot Turbo in the Launch with a strap and you can now control the stroke speed and stroke length.

It’s hard to describe the difference between using your hands and having someone or something to do the stroking but it feels so much more real and better.

I know it’s super expensive but if you got the cash and wish to improve your masturbation experience massively then it’s a no-brainer.

fleshlight quickshot turbo

I recommend the QuickShot Turbo

I recommend the QuickShot Turbo if you’re after a blowjob sex toy of high-quality at a fair price. The different QuickShot accessories makes it a great option compared with other similar blowjob sex toys.

What you get with the QuickShot Turbo:

  • High-quality blowjob sex toy
  • Fair price
  • Lots of accessories
  • Small and compact for travel or hiding
  • Easy to clean and use

I personally recommend the QuickShot Turbo.

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